Smartypantz Dog Training 1:1 and Small Group Training is really beneficial if you are committed to continuing with the practice & reinforcement of the training. People who consistently practice what they have learnt in between classes notice a significant difference in their dog’s behaviour. However it’s important you understand that training any dog is a journey. Although we can help you with almost any problem, SmartyPantz does not want to waste your time or money. We view your dog as a family member, not just a problem with a quick fix if you spend money on it. Working together ongoing, equipped with the tools we give you, your dog will learn to listen to you, and become the dog you’ve hoped for.

At SmartyPantz Dog Training we offer a wide range of services to help cater towards your specific puppy & dog training needs!

Deepen the bond between you & your best friend!

Get the tools to resolve:

Over Excitement, Socialisation, Lead Pulling, Nipping & Biting, Excessive Barking & Whining, Destructive Chewing, Separation Anxiety, Fear Aggression, Manners Around Children, Car Anxiety, Sleep Routines, Returning to Work, Toilet Training & a whole lot more!

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1:1 in Home Puppy Training

$500 Intensive Training (2 x 2 hours)
Puppies need raining. Just like us children, they need to go to school, and just like children, they operate best when given boundaries, routines, appropriate consequences for negative behaviour and heaps of praise. Basic training takes place in your own home and surrounds, so it is tailored to your family and your lifestyle. It helps you build a leadership relationship with your dog, based on trust and consistency, and the words and voice tones in order to “speak puppy”. In essence, you are now their new mum or dad, they are the child, and it is up to you to guide them in a human world they often find confusing.

1:1 New Puppy Consults

Getting a new puppy is a much anticipated day. For your puppy, however, entering a new human pack can be a challenging experience. A puppy consult (done either before puppy arrives, or shortly after) will give you more confidence in managing basic puppy issues such as toilet training, sleeping, daily routine, and destructive behaviour. It can also prevent behavioural problems developing down the track.

1:1 Home Manners Training
$500 Intensive Training (2 x 2 hours)

Basic Training gives you the tools to train your dog to a basic level, read their behaviour and diminish behaviours that are concerning you. It’s never too late to train a dog! Several of our oldest clients have been 12 years old! General obedience, house manners and behavioural issues are usually connected. Basic Training addresses your dog’s behaviour in your own home and surrounds, strengthens your leadership relationship with your dog, and gives you the tools to get them really listening, taking into account your lifestyle and family situation.

1:1 Private lessons
$140 per hour
It’s often worth a little more to get your dog to where you’d like it to be. Many dog owners are choosing to upskill themselves and their dogs in order to enjoy their dog more. Because the higher the level of the dog’s training, the easier it is to fix behavioural issues, and the more places you can take them. Training is a journey as your dog continues to grow and change. If you would like to fast track the level of your dog’s training, or address more complex behavioural responses such as aggression or separation anxiety, additional 1:1 training sessions are for you.

Group Training Walks
$30 casual or $75 for 3 (requires 1 private lesson first)
Teach your dog to stay calm around other dogs, diminish reactive behaviour & walk nicely on the lead, in real time, in real life situations.

Group Dog Obedience Training

for dogz 5 months & over

$150 5 Week Course

Next course starts July 2024 in Macleod

Comprehensive, rewards-based training – no dog too old to train!

Puppy School

for pupz 12 weeks to 5 months

$150 5 Week Course

Next course starts July 2024 in Macleod
Comprehensive, rewards-based training to give your pup the best start in life.

Additional special services:

Behavioural Assessments 1:1

Making the choice about whether to keep or relinquish a dog is a really difficult and emotional decision. It might be they are showing aggression around your children, or separation anxiety when you leave for work. A Canine Behavioural Assessment can give you the peace of mind you need in order to make the right decision for both and your dog in order to move forward. On the other hand, sometimes your dog just needs some basic training in order for the behaviour to resolve, or for you to get the tools to correct it.

Complex Behaviours Training 1:1

Complex behaviours such as significant separation anxiety or fear aggression can cause real distress & risk for you, your dog and others around them. Just as these issues did not appear overnight, nor can they be resolved overnight. However working together ongoing, equipped with the tools we give you, you really can reduce complex behaviours, significantly increase your dog’s wellbeing, as well as your own.

Dog Walking

$30 per half hour or $45 per hour

Enjoy the peace of mind of having your dog exercised and entertained while you are at work

Doggy Day Care” & “Doggy Stayz Care

$80 per day/night
love & care for your dog as if it were my own. If you are going on holiday I can house-sit your dog at your place or mine, and teach them home manners & house rules, including general house manners & behaving when out) plus a few areas you’d like me to work on (e.g. not pulling on the lead, not jumping up, no barking). Daily updates & photos of what your dog is up to so you can relax and know your dog is in the best care.

Boarding School for Dogz (4 Day Fast Track)

$600 incl. handover lesson.
The works! I drop everything and focus 100% on your dog 24/7 to fast track good behaviour.

K9 Therapy
Meet our wonderful Therapy Dog Stars!
Qualified Therapy Dogs Billy & Charlie offer unconditional love, affection, comfort & cuddles for people of all ages! Did you know that simply stroking a dog has been clinically tested to release the “feel good” chemical, oxytocin? Our Animal Assisted Therapy Team supports those who are struggling due to social isolation, mental health issues, dementia, chronic illness, trauma or other situations to recover their sense of joy, meaning and positive pathways in life.

Canine Casting
Use one of our dogs in your next theatre production! Toto in the Wizard of Oz, Sandy in Annie. Melt your audience’s hearts with a real, live trained dog on stage.


Clients Only Facebook page
A community where you can meet new friends, swap training tips, ask questions about your dog’s behaviour as they mature, and post videos/photos for feedback.

Monthly Training Walks

Ongoing Consults by Phone/SMS
For the life of your dog – because as your dog continues to grow and change, you will no doubt have other questions.