I recommend Lisa as a dog trainer over Zoom. My dog Lola has responded very well to the training and has learnt a lot in a short time because Lisa is knowledgeable, has effective training methods, and she communicates these clearly. I wondered if training would work over Zoom but it has been successful, and I am able to get the support I need to train Lola even in lockdown/from a distance.

Clare & Lola, Wodonga, VIC

Thanks Lisa. That was a great booster lesson for Simba’s manners. Very convenient to zoom in from our lounge room while the family wandered in and out the session eating toast, picking up helpful tips…

Kate & Simba, Thornbury, VIC

On Saturday, our family had our first Zoom session with Lisa. I can’t thank her enough. I must admit, I was a bit hesitant about how effective a zoom session could be. Wow, my thinking was so wrong! A bit of background – we have an 11 month labradoodle who was craving for our attention. He would bark, tell us off and bite (mouth). He would also deliberately take things: socks, thongs, prescription glasses, dangerous things off the bench – knives, wine stem glasses, you name it! He would jump on the couches, our bed and thrash and destroy his bed. We had replaced it so many times. We were honestly at our wits end. Lisa has given us a language and tools to help Hugo, and us. The last two days, we have had a different dog. We know we still have a long way to go, but with Lisa’s guidance (and the whole family being on board) we know we will get there. Thanks Lisa, we are really looking forward to our next session. When you find it difficult to find a qualified dog trainer during this lockdown, check out SmartyPantz Dog Training. Lisa is an awesome qualified dog trainer and behaviourist.

Sophia & Hugo, Lower Plenty, VIC

Highly recommend Lisa, “Billy” & “Charlie”. We so far have done puppy school with Snickers and puppy school and teen doggy school with Bluey, many of our classes over zoom. It was life changing for Bluey specifically, he was a terror and in one zoom class with her he went from attacking me and the kids all the time to wouldn’t even think about biting us. I was amazed! We look forward to learning more from Lisa!

Jade & Josh, Bluey & Snickers , Bundoora, VIC

We had a session with Lisa last week for our dog, Skye. Skye is a rescue pup at 18 months of age and has a bit of a rough start. Lisa has been helping me with Skye’s anxiety, manners and behaviour. It’s been a lot of work, with some set backs, but I’m finding even Zoom classes have been helpful. We’re all hoping to be able to meet up in person soon though! Just wanted to say a big thanks to Lisa, and hoping to continue working with you and Skye!

Aileen & Skye, Mill Park, VIC

Freddie’s Sits and Drops are now great. No lead pulling at all. Bath time is perfect. Everyone comments on his changed attitude. I took him out tonight for drinks with 10 people. He was perfect, even with their doggie. One person said, “He was a little bugger a month ago, but now he’s lovely!” It’s hard to get offended when it’s true!

Pam & Freddie, Tocumwal, NSW

Alfie’s doing really well with his training. He’s jumping way less with other dogs. We’ve noticed a big difference with him already. We can’t wait for the next lesson!

Celia & Alfie, Yallambie, VIC

Cleo has been really good this week. We have had mostly calm walks yesterday and today. I think the training halter really makes her feel held. She’s walking calmly right next to me. I’m really happy with how she’s going. Thanks for everything.

Priya & Cleo, Heidelberg Heights, VIC

Our lesson was so great yesterday! Honestly, Lisa has helped us so much – Milly isn’t biting me at all today. I tried the Drop Command and she did it immediately. Then I tested her again when we were out walking and likewise, straight away! Milly has been such a good girl and the things Lisa taught us last week have been super helpful! Thank you so much!

Nicola & Milly, Hurstbridge, VIC

Lisa was outstanding with my 6 month old border collie puppy. My sons and I were able to put into practice all the commands and Lisa was available to speak to us whenever we needed that extra encouragement. Lisa was able to show us how to crate train our Daisy, now her new bedroom with a view which was 100% successful thx to Lisa. She also taught us how to use the training halter, which is now another success. For all we have learnt from Lisa, we now have a very well behaved family pet. We all feel so confidant and life is so much more enjoyable for our beloved dog Daisy and my family. Thanks a million Lisa. We couldn’t have trained Daisy without you. You’re a legend.

Pauline & Daisy, Watsonia, VIC

Lisa, you are a dog whisperer. Amazing! So appreciate you taking such good care of our little guy. We love him so much.

Heather & Pacey, Macleod, VIC

Lisa is the Dog Whisperer! Just went for a 45 minute walk and Harley was so good! Looking around at me constantly to check in’. So nice to walk him with in a collar 98% of the time. No pulling. Completely new dog. Lisa, thanks again for your patience!

Simon & Harley, Macleod, VIC