Having a dog is more than just owning a pet. It’s about having a relationship that establishes leadership, trust and consistency.

Do you love your dog but don’t like the way they are behaving? Do you keep your dog outside or at home because their behaviour is unmanageable? We equip you with the tools that address your dog’s manners and obedience under distraction to manage most canine behavioural problems so you can enjoy your dog, take them anywhere and really get them listening.

SmartyPantz Dog Training endorses the Canine Leadership System developed by the Alpha Canine Group. This method uses pattern learning, voice tones and positive reinforcement to help you build a relationship with your dog that establishes leadership, trust and consistency. Most importantly, it works.

Lisa Jacobson is qualified dog trainer, dog instructor and canine therapist, affiliated with the Alpha Canine Professional and Lead the Way. She is passionate about strengthening relationships between people and their dogs, rehabilitating dogs with complex behaviours and helping dogs understand our human world.

Make your dog a SmartyPantz Dog.

Let me show you how.

Meet our last intake of SmartyPantz Gold Star Puppy & Grown Upz School Graduates!


Learn how to:

  • establish leadership

  • build trust

  • get your dog to listen to you

  • stop destructive behaviours

  • enjoy walks in the park

  • play gently with children

  • stop knocking grandma over

  • get along with other animals

  • stay when asked

  • come back when called

  • be a part of your life

We assist with:

  • Over-excitement

  • Destructive chewing

  • Mouthing & biting

  • Jumping up

  • Barking & whining

  • Rough play

  • Eating food off tables

  • Chasing other pets

  • Heel nipping

  • Door scratching

  • Fear aggression

  • Lunging

  • Pulling on the lead

  • Rough play

  • Separation anxiety

  • Fear aggression