Congratulations to our

SmartyPantz Pupz & Dogz of the Month!?

We thought we’d start a little appreciation post for our SmartyPantz Stars!

A treat for those who shine through each week?

Announcing this months Stars!

⭐️Dina & Henry with their smashing Drop Command, and No longer growling at other dogs!

⭐️Sian & Scout completed Early puppy training & we can already see he’s going to be awesome!

⭐️Sophie & Hugo have been learning to be calm inside rather than nutso, as he was driving the family nuts

⭐️Poppy, Georgie & Charlie, Winston! Georgie completed early puppy training for a great family dog & Poppy’s best friend

Winston began Therapy dog training so Charlie can take him with her to help teenagers feel better about themselves!

⭐️Amanda & (Dixie), this little dog was way too bossy, Learning not to bark at the TV & visitors, driving mum nuts, mum couldn’t even watch TV

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We are all so proud of you?✨